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This is where I will be posting my reviews of certain items such as books, movies, and food and give the best score possible. 

My quick personal review on 3 movies I watched this week. 1. " A Thousand Words" with Eddie Murphy. Excellent to watch, keeps you in the story and focused on Eddie Murphy's character. He is very funny and talented.

2. Rise of the Guardins. Very good and the holiday characters are here together fighting as a team to save children's dreams. I enjoyed this a;lot.

3. Project X. This movie was a party movie. Fun to watch how crazy people can get when they have a birthday party. This is a true story and was entertaining, because of the characters attitudes.

The Hobbit movie was really good. The most positive notice was that none of the good guys died in it. And that's outstanding. I like how Gandalf communicated to the dwarfs and the Hobbit named Baggins.

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