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What do you notice when you go outside of your place?

09/28/2014 11:56

Another thing we can do with our time is to look at nature all around you every day for a few minutes to awhile. Notice the birds, the dogs, and cats to squirrels. Notice the trees, their leaves, and their over all shape. Notice the vegatables from your garden. Notice the bugs, spiders, flies, grasshoppers, and crickets.

What do you notice?


What is the information you want?

09/27/2014 19:11

Let's say, WWE authority tells us how many people wathched Night of Champions. So we can figure out if that is worth to watch. Some people say, that it is was compromised in the end. Why did they throw the towel in the game? Couldn;'t we see the end of the match for a winner, minus the interuptions. Well we probably won't need to see another Brock vs. John rematch.

Who would you like to have fight Brock? I would like to see Brock fight Sheamus for the title. If Sheamus wins then they can have a match for his US title. Who would want to see fight for that? I would like to see John Cena and Randy Orton fight for that.


Which match would you like to see for Brock Lesnar's next fight? Some people might think Randy Orton or CM Punk or someone who is really tuff. But CM Punk is absent.

So who ever reads this may respond to answer my questions on here at anytime.


Just popping in for a quick brief

09/27/2014 18:52

It has been a long time since I was here! So the thing is that I am done with schooling for now. I am now moving into something that is better than what I have now. I am extending my websites to other ones. Some times people need a break, more than a vacation. So let me tell you about something else. There is so much to say and I don't want to get into it right now. So who ever reads this message, just think about what you'd like to tell me about or what you have been up to these days. What is making you feel happy feelings right now? My hint and more! Bye for now.


In this article what you are going to do is:

03/29/2013 14:42

Measure your own negativity by how much time you spend thinking about negative things in your life. Then you have to committ to yourself on whay you say and think about you must think about positive things only. Think about things that make you feel good and happy. What are the things you like to do the most and what is the most fun for you to do? Think about what it is that you love doing and then go do it. If you can't then just think of positive ways to do something different. When you think out loud you can think in a way that is positive. Anytime you think positive stay focused on that. If you ever think positive then you have too tell yourself no, no, no. Then think of something positive to over ride the negative. Then if you speak silently, say the words in a positive manner only. Leave out all the negative words such as no, don't, can't, won't, and and any other negative words also including bad words. So an example of this would be, I am low on money I have in my bank and I would like to earn some more money so I can grow my account.


To save or Not to save

03/27/2013 18:20

Whenever you come across a great website, always save the domain address so you can go back to it at anytime. Otherwise if you don't save it you will spend 2 to 3 hours looking for it and you probably won't find it. Another thing you can do is write down the information on paper. And don't forget to do back ups to save your personal files and mp3s.


Swimming Pools

03/24/2013 00:19

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, there will be plenty of swimming pools to choose from this summer and many people plan to leave during that time to do outdoor and offwork freetime.

Why do they like vacationing in the summer?

Why not a different season? Who can do that?

The place I would love to be at right now is at an outdoor area in Hawaii enjoying the nice weather all year round. I would have a nice place there and a nice car to drive when I visit there. I would visit the beaches during the day and go to places with people around and go to the night clubs to drink and talk. I would love to do that again someday.


What kind of day do you want to have?

03/23/2013 23:59

Where would you go? If you had the day off and have a chance to leave for a whole week and you can go there and loosen up and relax. Then come back to work the next day. Would you look forward coming back to do your job the next day or would you take another day off to relax at home first?


What's the best business job in the world?

03/22/2013 19:02

What kind of business is good business? Business that is where your heart is, and you are always supported by everyone. A business to be in love with is doing something that makes you feel really good and you do it, because you feel you want to. Could it be a dream job?

Like working as a manager in your own office shop.

How's about unlimited spa tester for making sure everything is doing great!

What is your best job title?


Having something good to eat!!!

03/22/2013 18:56

What are your number one favorite food? Tell me what it is and if you want you can leave the recipe. Thanks. My favorite food is pizza and it can be any kind of pizza. What's yours?


An exerpt from my class project

03/19/2013 18:21

I wrote "My family members expect us to be ourselves and to be a productive caring human being towards people. As far as economics goes, I am still trying to figure that one out. Economy is what it is and what the economy is doing is fine. My job is affected by the economy. We help other people with their businesses in our communities, so they can grow their business. The socioeconomics of myself is to just socialize with people when I can and to do work at my job for our economy." The assignment is called Ethnicity.

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