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I am glad you made it and welcome to reader r

Hi everyone, As you can see I have started a new web site and I would like to tell you what I have in here before you start flipping pages and clicking on stuff. Please answer my poll, check out my FAQ for questions and info. Soon I will add some photos. One of my big reasons for starting this blog site is to do more online communications with people from all over and a chance to speak with someone new. So I can learn from you and everyone else who reads this can learn a thing or two also and read for fun.

Do you have a favorite book you are reading right now? If so what is the name of the book? Post a blog message for your answer!

My goal for this website: To create a relaxing atmosphere for everyone by reading something and to help motivate myself and others to read what you want to read right now.

Special topics included in the blog of this web site:

I desire this to be a free topic web site that people would like to talk about. Please keep everything mateur for readers. I choose to have more than one topic to talk about so I can have a variety here and not to focus only on one topic. If you would like to add some to this list please leave a comment to my blog or contact me.

My special topics to talk about are:

Movies (Any really exciting movies that you like a lot?)

Learned Skills (What did you just learn?)

Unlearned Skills (What skills do you want to learn?)

Food (What is your favorite food?)

Vacation (Where is your favorite place to visit for a relaxing vacation?)

Places around the world that are great to see! (Have you visited any wherre special?) (Is there a place you dream to visit?)

Wrestling (WWE) (Who is your favorite wrestler?) (Why do you watch WWE?)

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